How to Introduce a Loved One to Adventure Travel


"Are you crazy?" my friend exclaimed. “He’ll never want to travel again!” I simply smiled. We were catching up and discussing my upcoming travel plans, which involved a multi-day jungle trek with my city-slicker brother in tow. I’m a well-seasoned travel vet, with more than 35 countries on my passport.[…]

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How to Watch the Elk Rut in Colorado

bull elk

Every September and October, Rocky Mountain National Park becomes the stage for one of the great shows of the animal kingdom: the elk rut. In laymen’s terms, that’s mating season, when bull elk call loudly (the official term is bugle) and strut their stuff in order to attract and defend[…]

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So, You Want to Go on a Solo Van Trip?

20170418_Van Life_0177

With the storm clouds from the day’s rain still lingering, the setting sun ignited the sky in intense golden light and vibrant hues of pink. Maneuvering my rusty Sprinter van through curve after curve, descending deeper into the canyon that leads to Zion National Park, I felt like nothing could[…]

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800 Miles in 7 Days: A Quintessential Colorado Road Trip

Roadside on epic road trip.

To many, Denver is the true gateway to the West. Sure, St. Louis may have an arch, but it also has 850-miles of Midwestern plains to contend with before the real West begins. And like so many early frontiersmen, who reached the western edge of the High Plains—where modern-day Denver is located—and[…]

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Guide to Climbing Gyms in Boulder

00-201611 Boulder Gyms Movement 2

Boulder is a training ground for countless world-class athletes, and it’s not hard to see why. The city is at the foot of the famous Flatirons, and is just a stone’s throw from iconic locations like Eldo, Boulder Canyon, and Lumpy Ridge, among others. As the days get colder and[…]

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