9 Outdoor Companies Breaking Barriers in Colorado

20170126 mills-lake-early-spring-sunset

There’s a reason people who love to be outdoors choose to live in Colorado. With 10,000-plus miles of trail through national parks, state parks, national forests, and other public lands, the Centennial State has no shortage of breathtaking scenery—and endless opportunities for running, mountain biking, skiing, paddling, and climbing. With[…]

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An Ode to Boulder Creek

With all the mountainous goodness surrounding Boulder, it’s easy to overlook one of the city’s best natural features: Boulder Creek. It is a geological curiosity to consider that the humble stream flowing through the heart of the city is the same agent that carved out the deep walls of Boulder[…]

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10 Must-Do Hikes in the Mountain West

Wyoming Big Sandy Pass Trail Lonesome Lake below the Cirque of the Towers

From Montana’s Livingston Range to the Lechuguilla Desert of southern Arizona, the U.S. region known as the Mountain West is brimming with top-caliber hiking destinations. Narrowing down a list of 10 standouts is no small feat, but we took a stab at it anyway, choosing from the eight states that[…]

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12 Telltale Signs You’re From Boulder

00-20160419 BoulderCO ChautauguaFlatironsHiking

Boulder is one of those places that people tend to either love or hate. If you hate it, chances are you don’t live here. If you love it, you probably can’t bring yourself to leave. No doubt Boulderites are a special breed—a blend of hippie, healthy, hard-core outdoorsy, über fit,[…]

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