• Snowshoeing in the mountains at A-Lodge in Boulder, Colorado


Snowshoeing is one of our favorite winter activities here at the A-Lodge. While skiing and snowboarding are incredibly fun it can be a little expensive and there is a learning curve if you are new to the sport and while you are outside ski resorts are probably not the most serene environment you can access in the mountains in the winter. Enter snowshoeing, we love as a vehicle for getting into the mountains in the winter because it is affordable, is accessible to more people and you can have moments of sheer bliss when experiencing the deep quiet of a pine forest blanketed by snow.

When staying at the Lyon’s location in the winter you have the same quick access to all the local trails around Lyons and in RMNP that you do in the summer but with even fewer people. We are one of the closest lodging options to the Longs Peak entrance making us the ideal Rocky Mountain Park hotel option.

When you choose to go snowshoeing you get a great workout, can get deep in the mountains and don’t have to worry about many of the dangers of backcountry skiing for example. Do always make sure your intended route does not cross under avalanche terrain, just because you are not skiing on a dangerous slope does not mean an avalanche cannot come down on you.

If you are new to the sport or would like to learn a little about the majestic Rocky Mountains during one of your forays into the backcountry RMNP offers ranger led snowshoe walks where you can get the lay of the land and learn a lot in the process.

If skiing and snowboarding isn’t your thing or you’re taking a rest day from skiing, check out the long list of beautiful snowshoe trails available. Get your snowshoes at the front desk!