• Fourmile Creek at A-Lodge in Boulder, Colorado
  • Fourmile Creek at A-Lodge in Boulder, Colorado
  • Fourmile Creek at A-Lodge in Boulder, Colorado


Enjoy the scenery, wildlife, and amenities at the A-Lodge, or the countless outdoor activities nearby.

The A-Lodge offers guests first class access to Fourmile Creek and the Boulder Creek Path – a two minute walk from our property.

The trail begins at the southernmost corner of the lodge (near the front entrance). You will see stairs that will begin the trail.

Want to bike? Want to take a longer more scenic trail?

We’ve got you covered!

This path follows Boulder Creek up the Canyon. There are mountain bikers whizzing by, rocks to climb, water to splash in and an occasional deer …

The bike/walking trail that begins right at the intersection of Boulder Canyon and Four Mile is at your finger tips! This trail runs parallel to the creek all the way back down into Boulder (approximately 2 miles), then continues through the east side of Boulder (approximately 7 miles).

Foothills Trail heads both north and south from the Fourmile Creek Trailhead. Heading north across Lee Hill, the Foothills Trail connects to the Hogback Ridge Trail.Hogback Ridge Trail (1.8 mile) is a loop trail off the western most point of the Foothills Trail. It provides wonderful views to the east as it meanders past intermittent springs, ponderosa pine savannah and through the remnants of the 1990 Olde Stage fire.

If you need more suggestions – visit the front desk or find Asa or Kris around the lodge! These two longtime Boulderites have climbed the highest peaks explored all the local trails on foot and two wheels. They have a recommendation for you and can help you get set up.

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