A Perfect Space for Your Yoga Retreat or Women’s Workshop

A Lodge in Boulder, Colorado, is the perfect choice for single-day or multi-day retreats and workshops due to its picturesque location, versatile indoor and outdoor spaces, comfortable lodging options, suitability for women’s, adventure, and yoga retreats, offering a well-rounded and enriching experience for participants.

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Picturesque Location

Lush Lawns & A Babbling Brook

Nestled in the stunning natural beauty of Boulder, Colorado, A Lodge offers an ideal backdrop for retreats and workshops. The serene surroundings, with easy access to hiking trails and outdoor activities, create a peaceful and inspiring environment for participants. No other locations sets you in majestic pines along a mountain stream this close to downtown.

Versatile Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

Patios, Pavilions & Lawns

A Lodge boasts a range of flexible event spaces, including well-equipped meeting rooms, a spacious courtyard, and a scenic rooftop terrace. These spaces cater to various retreat and workshop formats, accommodating both indoor sessions and outdoor activities like yoga and team-building exercises. Practice yoga on green grass with the sound of Four Mile Creek flowing next to you, gather in the outdoor pavilion or inside our tech-savvy boardroom. Relax on our rooftop terrace where you have the space and peace to bond as a group.

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Comfortable Lodging Options

Relax & Enjoy

The venue provides comfortable lodging accommodations suitable for multi-day retreats. Attendees can choose from a variety of room types, including suites and cozy guest rooms, ensuring a restful stay throughout the retreat. A Lodge Boulder gives you the perfect location to unwind, gather and grow. For Boulder residents you have all this within minutes of home so no need to spend and stress over travel. For out of towner’s our location is as close to Denver International Airport as you can while still being fully immersed in the mountains.

Yoga Retreats

Outdoor Yoga In The Mountains

A Lodge is well-suited for yoga retreats with its tranquil outdoor settings and spacious indoor areas. Yoga enthusiasts can practice in the serene courtyard of lush green grass set against the backdrop of Four Mile Creek, creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and self-discovery. With comfortable spaces to gather as a group between classes or simply relax poolside the ease and peace of being on the property will complete the experience.

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Women’s Retreats

A Nurturing and Empowering Environment

The A Lodge in Boulder is an ideal venue for hosting a women’s retreat, offering a nurturing and empowering environment. Nestled in the tranquil beauty of Colorado, it provides a safe and inspiring space for self-discovery and personal growth. The versatile indoor and outdoor spaces allow for a wide range of activities, from workshops to meditation sessions. Comfortable lodging options ensure a restful stay, and the serene surroundings encourage bonding and support among participants. With its dedication to privacy and security, A Lodge creates the perfect atmosphere for women to connect, rejuvenate, and empower themselves in a peaceful and welcoming setting.

Adventure Retreats

Nature and Convenience

The A Lodge in Boulder is an exceptional choice for hosting an adventure retreat, combining natural beauty with convenience. Nestled in the breathtaking Colorado wilderness, it offers immediate access to hiking trails, rock climbing, and outdoor activities, making it an adventurer’s paradise. The comfortable lodging options ensure participants rest well after action-packed days, while versatile indoor and outdoor spaces cater to workshops, team-building, and relaxation. This retreat location not only fosters personal growth and connection with nature but also provides the infrastructure and amenities needed for a seamless and memorable adventure retreat experience in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.


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