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In recent years, couples have been redefining the way they celebrate their love by opting for more intimate and personalized ceremonies. The trend of small elopements with 50 people or fewer has gained momentum, challenging the traditional notion of elaborate, large-scale weddings. The A-Lodge is the ideal location in Boulder to create a unique and meaningful celebration for couples who want to prioritize intimacy and budget.

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Intimacy and Authenticity

A Select Group In A Stunning Outdoor Setting

One of the most significant advantages of a small elopement is the unparalleled intimacy it offers. With fewer guests, the atmosphere becomes more relaxed, allowing the couple to focus on the true essence of their union. Personal vows, shared moments, and genuine emotions take center stage, creating an authentic and meaningful experience that might be overshadowed in a larger gathering. The versatile indoor and outdoor spaces create the perfect environment for a group of this size to create many opportunities for connection.

Cost-Effective and Budget-Friendly

All The Romance At A Fraction Of The Cost

Traditional weddings often come with exorbitant costs, from venue rentals to catering and decorations. A small elopement allows couples to allocate their budget more efficiently, directing resources towards elements that truly matter to them. With fewer guests to accommodate, expenses on invitations, catering, and venue rental are significantly reduced, enabling couples to invest in quality rather than quantity. This combined with the “reduced rates for ground fees that come with a minimum number of rooms booked by guests on the hotel property grounds creates an opportunity to have an amazing event at a very low price.

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Flexibility and Spontaneity

Create A Personalized Wedding Event

Small elopements provide the flexibility to make great use of unconventional venues like the A-Lodge hotel outside Boulder, Colorado and embrace spontaneity. Without the need to accommodate the needs of a large group couples can opt for our picturesque outdoor location with an intimate setting. This flexibility allows for a more personalized and unique experience, as opposed to the cookie-cutter approach often associated with large weddings. Have a look at the grounds and you will see there are many creative uses of our different spaces. Whether it’s an impromptu dance under the stars or a promenade across the wooden bridge of our mountain stream, small elopements at the A-Lodge allow couples to create memories that reflect their personalities and style.

Stress Reduction

Fewer Guest, Less Stress

Planning a grand wedding can be overwhelming, with numerous details to coordinate and a long list of guests to accommodate. A smaller elopement significantly reduces the stress associated with planning and executing a large-scale event. Couples can focus on what truly matters to them, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable wedding experience. From simplified logistics to fewer decisions to make, the smaller scale of elopements allows couples to savor the joy of their special day without unnecessary stress.

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Quality Time with Guests

Focus On Those Who Really Matter

In a smaller gathering, couples have the opportunity to spend quality time with each guest, fostering deeper connections and creating lasting memories. This is often challenging in larger weddings, where the couple may struggle to make meaningful interactions with everyone present. A small elopement encourages a more intimate atmosphere, allowing the couple to appreciate and share their joy with those who matter most. When you stay at our Boulder Lodge you can host several events from rehearsal BBQs to afternoon pool parties allowing even more opportunities to bond.

Environmental Impact

Feel Good About Your Decision

Large weddings can have a significant environmental footprint, with extensive travel, excessive waste, and energy consumption. A small elopement is inherently more eco-friendly, as it reduces the overall impact on the environment. Couples who prioritize sustainability may find that an intimate elopement aligns with their values, allowing them to celebrate their love in a way that reflects their commitment to the planet.ity.


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Have It All

A Wedding To Remember

While grand, traditional weddings have their own charm, the trend towards smaller elopements has captured the hearts of many couples seeking a more intimate, meaningful, and cost-effective celebration. The advantages of a 50-person or less elopement includes unparalleled intimacy, budget-friendly approach, flexibility, reduced stress, quality time with guests, and a smaller environmental footprint. Ultimately, the choice between a grand wedding and an intimate elopement is deeply personal, and couples are increasingly embracing the freedom to tailor their celebrations to reflect their unique love story. Contact us to discuss how the A-Lodge can be the perfect lodging and event venue for your wedding/elopement in Boulder


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