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Adventure slide shows, outdoor yoga classes, industry events, group hikes, climbs, and rides, or happy hour and group dinners. Community is key here at the A-Lodge and programming is one of the best ways to bring people together.

We also provide key beta for adventurers right here on our website. For more info go to our adventure tab or ask our front desk staff. All A-Lodge staff are also ready to be your ‘adventure concierge’.

Community Engagement & Programming

At the Adventure Lodge one of the things that we are the most proud of is the relationship we have been cultivating with our guests and with the community of Boulder as a whole. One of the ways we like to interact with the community and guests is through special events on the property. Every year we host outdoor yoga classes, slideshows, live music events and more.

Off-site we host group hikes and rides and have even organized group climbing days at nearby crags. If you are lucky enough to be a hotel guest during one of our group dinners we highly recommend joining as the food is always excellent and it is a great way to make new friends who you may see one day on the trail or at the wall.

Outdoor Yoga Classes & Group Hikes