The A-Lodge is going for LEED Certification!

How would we be able to enjoy our adventures in the outdoors without the environment???

The A-Lodge is committed to protecting the environment through a wide range of policies and practices, including auditing hotel waste, recycling, purchasing eco-friendly products for in-room use, and reducing unnecessary laundering.


We actively recycle the following products through the Town of Boulder recycling programs: Paper, newspaper, magazines, plastic, cans, glass, and cardboard.

Other products that we recycle using other outlets are: batteries, office equipment, bottles.

In Your Room

You will find a blue recycling bin in your room, low flow shower heads, the linen & towel change program that will reduce detergent use and the use of water, and energy efficient lighting.

Eco Purchase Policy

Here is a list of some products that we purchase based on their recycling content: Tissues, toilet paper, office paper, napkins, and paper cups. We are proud to have long life bulbs and energy efficient lights in use throughout the lodge.

The A-Lodge is presently working on becoming LEED certified.