Fishing at the A-Lodge

Fish the A-Lodge

Taking Your Kids Fishing at the Boulder A-Lodge

You’ll never have trouble finding fun things to do when staying at the Boulder A-Lodge. From bluegrass jam sessions to skiing and world-class dining to rock climbing, there is more than enough to keep you busy during your stay. Just be sure to set aside some time for bonding with your youngsters. It’ll make your trip more enjoyable and give your kids plenty of memories to cherish forever.

There are a number of family-friendly opportunities at A-Lodge, but few are as well-suited for parent-child bonding as fly fishing. Fourmile Creek runs right through the A-Lodge property and provides a perfect location to introduce your child to the sport. And remember: While spending a few hours on the water with your child will give you a chance to hang out with your son or daughter in a picturesque setting, it may also spark a love of fishing, which is a positive, constructive and healthy hobby that often lasts for decades.

But if you want to ensure your child has a good time, you’ll have to embrace a few tips and tricks. Otherwise, you’ll likely have more challenges and problems than successes, which may sour the experience for your child.

1. Provide your child with a size-appropriate rod.

Too often, parents hand their child an adult-sized fly rod, which is sure to frustrate the child and turn them off from fishing entirely. Instead, provide them with a fly rod specifically designed for their size and skill level. Something in the 7.5- to 8-foot-long range is ideal and try to find a 4-weight rod so you can use rather small flies.

2. Spend some time teaching them the proper techniques before your trip.

Fly fishing isn’t something you can learn in 15 minutes – it takes a bit of practice to learn how to control the rod and cast effectively. You don’t want your child to spend precious vacation time learning the basics, so be sure to practice with him or her before you leave home.

3. Target the right species.

If you want your child to have a good time fishing, you need to make sure they catch fish. Your choice of target species can have important ramifications in this regard, so you’ll want to be sure to target the most kid-friendly species. The two primary target species in Fourmile Creek are the native brown trout and the stocked rainbow trout. While many serious anglers enjoy targeting the warry browns, your child will have more luck catching a rainbow or two.

4. Fish early or fish late – especially during the summer.

Fish exhibit different feeding and behavioral patterns throughout the day and many experience a mid-day lull, which can make fishing less productive. Accordingly, try to plan your trip for the early morning hours or later in the afternoon. In addition to ensuring that you’ll be on the water while the fish are most active, you’ll enjoy remarkable scenery during these times, as the sun’s rays will be long and accentuate the beauty of the Colorado wilderness.

5. Above all else, have fun!

It is imperative that you keep a positive attitude and provide support while your child learns the ins and outs of fly fishing. He or she certainly won’t catch a fish on each cast, and they may even struggle to catch a fish at all. Accordingly, it is wise to fish alongside your youngster; this way, you can pass your rod to your child if you hook a fish. This will allow your son or daughter to reel in the fish, which is certainly the most enjoyable part of fishing. Besides, you don’t have to tell anyone that you actually hooked the fish – let your child enjoy the glory.

Don’t forget to obtain a Colorado fishing license and habitat stamp before hitting the water. You’ll obviously want to set a good example for your child, so you need to follow the rules. Additionally, you don’t want to taint the occasion by having an unfortunate encounter with a law enforcement officer. Fortunately, children under 16 can fish without a license.

If you’d like to learn more about making the best of a fishing trip with your child, cruise on over to Outdoor Empire and read their comprehensive review of the subject. You’ll learn more about targeting the right species, picking the best gear for your child and more.