GUEST POST: Adventure of a Lifetime at StarHouse in Boulder, CO

The Starhouse

We are excited to partner with our friends at the Starhouse. In honor of this partnership, they have provided us with a guest post on our blog. The Adventure Lodge is located only minutes away from the Starhouse and we strongly support their mission, management, and the power and beauty of the Starhouse itself.

– Asa Firestone, CEO, A-Lodge


Rare now is a place on Earth where people can be in direct communion with the land; with plant and animal beings who have been called in to support personal growth; where people can embody and grow their personal connection to the web of life.  The StarHouse, a 12-sided mountain temple constructed in 1990 perfectly aligned with the four directions and designed with the principles of Sacred Geometry at its core, is a unique exception. Nestled on 200 acres in the foothills of Boulder, CO just minutes from Adventure Lodge (A-Lodge), this sacred site is home to the most recent in transformational programming, Sacred Arts Practitioner Certification (SAP).

Beginning May 1, 2019, the annual SAP 9-month certification is an adventure of a lifetime at the intersection of ancient wisdom, self-realization and modern day neuroscience. With Adventure Lodge (A-Lodge) as the main lodging partner, this locally based modern mystery school is an initiation and global certification into authentically transforming ourselves, our families, our communities and the world through sacred relationship.


After over 25 years of successful programming through StarHouse, SAP is the next chapter in meeting the needs of our times and a deepening into the success of this seasoned history. Inviting a global community to join together in committing to expanding from self-realization to earth-realization, over the course of nine months, the program will be delivered via four live seminars at StarHouse—with webinars, mentoring sessions, individualized support and online/virtual experiences interspersed.


By sharing the keys and codes of the sacred arts and this land, each participant lives their adventure of a lifetime by sharing their passion, igniting their purpose and remembering their power.  Graduates return to their communities as an agent of change and a catalyst for evolved earth-realization.


Led by a robust team of core facilitators including StarHouse Founders David + Lila Tresemer, the vision of Sacred Arts Practitioner Certification is an outgrowth of StarHouse itself. During the 9-month certification, participants receive an initiation into the foundation of three temples – Temple of Body, Spirit & Soul, Temple of Sacred Structure & Temple of Sacred Nature.  The program as a whole offers each participant, through these temples, specific and proven templates of embodied mindful patterns for living on earth to immediately apply to their lives.

From its unique, distinctive sacred structures, to deep lineage in the Western Esoteric Tradition; from both tended land and the wilds of nature; from embodiment practices informed by ancient wisdom and modern science, to sincere and powerful ceremony, the Sacred Arts Practitioner Certification is an invitation into what stirs your soul.  Looking for an adventure of a lifetime in the foothills of Boulder, CO? Find out more today at Sacred Arts Practitioner Certification.


Written by Shanti Medina, SAP Director of Development + Certification Facilitator.