A Different Kind of Climbing

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As a rock climber, when my mom told me we’d be tree climbing for my sister’s birthday I thought I already knew what to expect. I was wrong.

Tree climbing has a whole different set of rules, and is just as much fun as rock climbing. Instead of a harness, we wore saddles, which basically are harnesses with bigger leg straps to make hanging more comfortable. This design is because we didn’t use our legs to climb the tree. Instead we used them to climb the rope that’s thrown over one of the branches of the tree. We were just dangling in the air using a rope system designed to keep our climbing from impacting the tree as much as possible.


Besides the different equipment and style of climbing, reaching the tops of the trees feels much different than getting to the top of a wall. My mom, despite her fear of heights, loved tree climbing. She felt safer than rock climbing, despite rock being far more permanent and unyielding to the elements. Perhaps it was the feeling of life that came from being inside the green canopy that allowed her to feel protected despite the wind making the branches sway ever so slightly. Either way, it is an amazing sight to see the world through the leaves, and be in the domain of the birds.

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While my tree climbing experience was in Puerto Rico, there is a group that does similar excursions in Colorado. It is called Tree Climbing Colorado, and their site allows people to sign up for lessons, along with providing info on events. Check it out to have your own tree climbing adventure!

Link to Tree Climbing Colorado: http://www.treeclimbingcolorado.com/

Andrea Belaval

A-Lodge Staff