During the dog days of Summer, the A-Lodge staff is stoked on tubing Boulder Creek. With temps reaching the 90-degree range, tubing is a great way to cool off from nearby canyon climbs and mountain bike rides. Boulder Canyon is beautiful, easily accessible and dog friendly. So, grab a tube, a cooler full of beer and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Boulder Creek is located just across the street from the A-Lodge. A bike path parallels the creek east towards town, making it easy to hop in and out of the water at your leisure. If you choose to drive, there are numerous pull offs where you can park. You can start tubing just up river from Eben G. Fine park, but be careful tubing too much further upstream because steep, rocky, class V rapids exist and we don’t want to see you get hurt. We recommend you get your tubing in when its still super hot, before the summer afternoon thunderstorms roll in.

The first drop of the main tubing section above Eben G. Fine Park on Boulder Creek.
The first drop of the main tubing section above Eben G. Fine Park on Boulder Creek.

The A-Lodge currently doesn’t sell tubes, but you can buy them for $20 at McGuckin Hardware on Arapahoe and Folsom St. We recommend the big tubes with the head support, rather than the smaller, tire tubes sold at the Conoco gas station at the corner of Arapahoe and Broadway. Please feel free to leave unwanted tubes at the office for future guests! If you are feeling especially athletic, check out Colorado Water Sport at 36th and Arapahoe for SUP (stand up paddle boards) or kayak rentals.

Tubing might seem like a casual and easy activity, but it is essential to take some precautions. The water is cold and the small rapids and drops can flip your tube. Also, floods can happen, so please climb to safety if necessary. Water shoes, life jackets and helmets are good ideas for children or if you wind up enjoying that entire cooler of beer.

— Lindsay Purifoy

A-Lodge Adventure Team