Lindsay Purifoy – Staff Spotlight

Lindsay Purifoy, with the gleam of adventure in her eyes

When Kris and Asa were looking to hire their first employee at the Adventure Lodge, they couldn’t have picked someone more adventurous than Lindsay Purifoy. She climbs, skis, backpacks, fly-fishes, and trail runs. Bruce, one of the managers, says she participates in “general badassness.” Lindsay has been working here for a year and a half.

When speaking with Lindsay, it becomes obvious that she just wants to try everything and see all the places she can. In her thirty some years she has traveled to almost 70 countries. She has climbed Denali (20,310′) in Alaska and Aconcagua (22,841′) in Argentina (the two highest points in North and South America). Lindsay also went to Everest base camp, and hopes to go back someday to complete that monstrous ascent. One of her life goals is to climb all seven summits. Just last year she took a two week climbing trip to Colombia, made an extended trip to Indian Creek in Utah, and climbed a volcano in Guatemala. She recently bought a kayak and is working on adding that activity to her ever growing list. She is currently in Cuba with her boyfriend, Tim, doing what she loves, adventuring!

Before moving to Boulder, and joining the A-Lodge staff, Lindsay got her degree in Natural Resource Management at Colorado State University. She works at the Adventure Lodge because, “I feel like right now is such an important time to in my life to have those adventures before I get tied down. I can always go back to the office and sit at a desk, but here I have all my friends around me and do all these amazing things that are so much more invigorating. And my hair stopped going grey, which I’m stoked about.”

Lindsay and Kris at the A-Lodge
Lindsay and Kris at the A-Lodge

Lindsay has a lot to say about the team that’s been built at the A-Lodge. The condensed version is, “I love this team, Asa and Kris are wonderful to work for. I feel like there’s so much potential with this place. It’s a really fun project with a great team of people that all work really well together, which I think is really hard to find.”

You’ll usually see Lindsay at the front desk, greeting guests and talking about her latest adventure with the rest of the staff.


— Andrea Belaval

A-Lodge Staff