We are renovating the historic stone building in the center of the property to be our frontdesk, community room, and saloon. Its a great place to meet new friends and share stories while sitting by the fireplace and enjoying a cold beer or glass of wine.

The community room is complete with a large sitting area, a wood burning fireplace, and a beer garden patio. The A-Lodge will be serving beer and wine to guests and visitors.

We encourage all of our guests to come and hang out in the community room before heading out (enjoy our complimentary breakfast), throughout the day, and of course in the evenings when the room is filled with other adventurers who have taken on a new adventure and are looking to share the experience.

Kris and Asa will be around the community room and saloon throughout the day. Don’t forget to gain the mind share of these two local Boulderites who have climbed all the local crags, biked the best trails, ski’d the black diamonds, regularly frequent the best restaurants in Boulder,  and they LOVE nothing more than sharing their experience with you.