A-Lodge Staycation


Sometimes getting away from your normal routine is just what the doctor ordered. Zach Borngraver

and Meghan Altman, a badass local couple from Niwot who cofounded the Longmont nonprofit

Chain Reaction, recently stayed with us at the A-Lodge in the attempt to enjoy a “staycation”.

We spoke with them about the highlights of their experience. Here is what they had to say:



1. When did you stay at the A-Lodge and why did you choose to do a staycation?

We stayed for a weekend in January, which is the perfect time to ski and snowshoe in the area.

We chose to do a staycation because it saved us travel time, money, and the hassle of planning

ahead. It also allowed us to spend more time with our dog because the A-Lodge is dog friendly!

Our staycation allowed us to experience another part of the area we call home.



A-Lodge - Room #44

2. What rooms did you stay in?

We stayed in the Jacuzzi Queen room and it was perfect. It was a unique experience and so

relaxing! The room has a massive tub to soak and relax in after enjoying the Colorado outdoors.

It also has a cozy little kitchen nook with several windows to look out at the winter wonderland.



3. What activities did you do while on your staycation?

We enjoyed some snowshoeing around the property on Saturday and Sunday with our dog Zik

and took advantage of the slack line park. This was so much fun and we need to definitely brush

up on our skills! Zik was exhausted after chasing the resident dogs, Tufa and Gunner, around all




4. Favorite amenity on the property?

We loved the hot tub! The gazebo is such a cute enclosed area with big windows to slide open.

It is a beautiful setting with the snow and mountains all around. The slack line area was great as

well. It was fun to practice and the property has various lines set up at different heights and



5. How would you rate your overall experience?

Amazing!! We had the best time ever and cannot wait to return. It is such a magical escape just

outside of Boulder. We were able to quickly run down to town to grab something and quickly

return to our oasis :)



6. Can you sum up your experience in one sentence?

Just what we needed and so much more!


Call to book your staycation today and get 15% off. Remember to check out Zach and Meghan’s nonprofit, Chain Reaction!